There is still hope

I'm pretty sure

If it's the end of the world

I do deplore

Did we do our best to save the world

Or was it just too much of a chore?


This site is dedicated to the hope for humanity.  We deserve it.  I believe this to be true.  But wait, I am not innocent, far from it.  I have lived, I have loved, I have lost.  I am guilty of acting without thinking, thinking without acting, moving too fast, moving too slow, and yes, leaving the water running.
Still, if we don't believe in ourselves, who will do it for us?  Who will hold our hand if we can't look ourselves and each other in the eyes while we cross the street?  Who will be true to us if we insist on living a lie?  Will anyone very truly recognize us if we insist on wearing the most fashionable masks?
Like Fat Albert on a rampage, we are rushing to consume!  We are rushing to our doom.  Sorry.  Not really, but it rhymes! I mean really- should Pop-Stars be role models? I ask myself these questions, and the answer is...maybe not. Politically and societally, we are in some deep caca.  No civilization lasts forever and if we continue to break our toys and keep our bags packed, we might just have a bad Christmas, or worse yet, be unfulfilled, aimless, and watching way too much television.
There are lessons to be learned, and as grown up as we may seem to be to each other, somewhere there is someone watching our antics and laughing their ass off.  We have become babies.  We want, we get, and if not, we cry.  This is not okay (unless you're in 2nd grade).  The problem is, as our diapers saturate, we have no choice but to check social media to see if we're still cool and if so, which outfit we should wear today.
Pollution, GMO's, Uneven distribution of wealth and resources, fracking.  Nope.  They are not your friend.   Worse than that.  They could be our downfall.  So what do we do?  We hardly even get to choose our leaders.  Or do we?  The leader of you, is you.  Seize the wheel! 
Wash your own dishes, form your own opinions.  Do what you know and feel to be right and for Gods (or whoever's)  sake remember... or realize.  Everything we do matters.  Big or small.  Change the world, or the world will change you... probably into fertilizer.

Okay then.  Best day ever!!